Fit Testing
Call 325-436-0055 To Schedule

Medical Eval.

Jobsite Security
35.00/per person

H2S & Basic Safety (7-8 Hrs.)
Monday – Friday 7AM

*Taken together: $185.00

*Taken Separately:
H2S (End User- 3-4 hrs.) 95.00 Basic Orientation “BOP” 125.00

Medic First Aid CPR/AED “Child-Infant Adult”
Adults or Pediatric Plus Children Infants Adults (4Hrs.)
Thursday 1PM
*$85.00/per person
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PEC Safe Supervisor – 250.00

Basin United – Day 1 Fundamentals 200.00 Basin United – Day 2 Leadership 250.00

PEC Safeland (8 Hrs.)
*Requires Advance Scheduling. Dates May Change.
2nd & 4th Friday 7AM
*$200.00/Person When 10 Or More Attendees
*$225.00/Person When Less Than 10 Attendees

PEC H2S Clear (4 Hrs.)
Requires Advance Scheduling

PEC Gold Shovel/Excavation (2Hrs.)
Requires Advance Scheduling
*$95.00/ Person

PEC MSTQ Core Training (2Hrs.)
Prerequisites: Safeland Or Kinder Morgan’s Required Basic Safety & H2S
Tuesday 1PM

Forklift Training (2Hrs.)
Requires Advance Scheduling

Safety Meetings: call for quote

Aerial Lift Training (2Hrs.)
Requires Advance Scheduling

OSHA 10/30
Requires Advance Scheduling
*OSHA 10, Less Than 5 Attendees: $225.00
*OSHA 30, Less Than 5 Attendees: $550.00

Confined Space (2Hrs Ea.)
Requires Advance Scheduling
*$100.00/Person Ea. (Attendant -Entrant) Supervisor – 150.00

Fire Ext. Hands On (Attendant) (2Hrs.)
Call 325-436-0055 To Schedule

Kinder Morgan Field Orientation
*35.00 Per Person
Monday 3PM
Tuesday 10AM
Wednesday 10AM & 3PM
Thursday 10AM
Friday 10AM

We offer much more. please call 325-436-0055 to request quotes:

NOTE: All Classes Require A Minimum Of 3 People Unless Prior Arrangements Are Made.