Commercial Driving Safety Training

Driving Safety Training

Expand your organization’s safety with high-end driver safety training. No safety program is complete without addressing the operation of motor vehicles or other powered vehicles.

Safety Driving Simulator

We offer a state-of-the-art Driving Simulator (We can come to you). This technology provides safe review and training of drivers while in a controlled environment, with the bonus added of no risk of incidents or liability. We can perform specialized driver assessments or detailed driver training for post-accident conditioning. This includes seasoned professional drivers that carry a CDL.

Safety Plus, LLC/NSC Professional Truck Driver and Defensive Driving Instructors

NSC Defensive Driving Courses (DDC 10th Edition) teach drivers how to recognize and react to immediate and potential hazardous driving situations and conditions. Our instructor-led, classroom courses provide collision prevention strategies and defensive driving techniques that focus on behavior, judgement, decision making and consequences.

These highly interactive courses will help influence drivers to make positive choices to improve driving behaviors and attitudes and encourage respectful and lawful decisions to avoid motor vehicle incidents and decrease traffic violations.

*Scheduled Classes are not guaranteed. Students must register for class in advance to ensure seat availability and class minimum requirements. For assistance, please contact our office at (325) 436-0055.

Expert Driving Safety Training

Contact us if you or your team is interested in expert driving safety training.